Eko - stretch





Eco-stretch pallet wrap film. The film is made from high quality components and features a multi-layer structure. The main characteristic of this film is resistance to sharp corners and high transparency. For its exceptional technical characteristics, with Eco-stretch film you will save up to 40 % of your wrapping film costs. Eco-stretch film has manual or automatic wrapping design.




Cost effectiveness:

  • up to 50 % reduction in film costs

  • time savings

  • using in machines without pre-stretching

  • saving on of disposal, storage and transportation costs

  • lesser product costs



  • film "memory"
  • high transparency
  • pallets stacked cargo stability
  • film properties of stability at extreme temperatures
  • few layers structure




  • less use of force
  • lower roller weight



  • reduced environmental pollution
  • less waste


Manual stretch film
Width Thickness Length
450mm 9mµ 500m
500mm 9mµ 500m
500mm 12mµ 400m
500mm 15mµ 300m

Automatic packaging film

Width Thickness Length
500mm 9mµ 3207m
500mm 12mµ 2400m
500mm 15mµ 2174m


Technical specification :

Manual 9my 450mm .pdf
Manual 9my 500mm .pdf
Manual 12my 500mm .pdf
Manual 15my 500mm .pdf
Automatic 9my 500mm .pdf
Automatic 12my 500mm .pdf
Automatic 15my 500mm .pdf

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