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Packaging stretch film
Manual stretch film

Manual stretch film



The film is designed to reinforce cargo on pallets, protect it from moisture and dust during transport and storage. The film is highly flexible and transparent, perfectly fitting around the products. Working with this film is easy and convenient.


Width Thickness Length
430mm  7mµ 600m
430mm  7mµ 900m
450mm 17mµ 200m
450mm 17mµ 220m
450mm 17mµ 230m
450mm 17mµ 300m
 450mm      17mµ               200m(Black)
450mm 20mµ 220m
500mm 17mµ 220m
500mm 20mµ 230m
500mm 23mµ 240m

  • We offer white, black, blue, red color films under a special order

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